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Ron & Beck Taylor

“The House Flipping Couple from Amarillo Texas!”

Becky & Ron Taylor are here and ready to share exactly how to turn your life into gold. We guess at this point we are “Gold Mine Teachers.”

Our Story

Of course, we have a great story about how we got here, it sure wasn’t easy and it is not over. We think back now and in 2002 Ron was making $28,000 dollars a year as a Police Sergeant in a small Texas town. Clearly not enough money to build a life for us and our children. We were frustrated and things were hard, as you can imagine they were also about to get harder.

Our youngest daughter had special medical needs and required full-time care that went beyond our insurance and in many cases our time and energy. This strained our family tremendously. We still found a way to stick together. Our oldest daughter was starting high school and getting ready for college, we needed to make sure that she got our attention as well. Things were hard, frustrating, and seemed impossible.

Then from out of nowhere Becky suffered an aneurysm and lost her job as a bank teller. This setback made things even harder and we thought they were hard already. Dr’s told her things that she should simply keep to themselves. Love, faith, and prayer kept us together and Becky recovered. Prayer alone is not enough there needed to be action as well so we all moved in a positive direction together. Yes, it was sad and yes it was hard. We understood that faith needed to be followed by work and we acted on this understanding.

Together We Made a Strong Decision

Life had more in store for us, more deep trials, and greater tribulations. Beck and I endured what no parent should ever endure. We have risen and have raised our family in spite of how hard life tried to make it for us. Today life has never been better. We have flipped dozens and dozens of homes and we currently own nearly 30 rentals worth Millions and control and recieve Incredible cash flow monthly. We invested hundreds of thousands in “MISTAKES” to get to where we are so hopefully you do not have to.

Anyone can learn how to do this and our course teaches what we call the Trifecta when building a “Portfolio”, getting past the first three rentals on your way to the first 500K dollars over the next 10-14 years. We created much more than that with much less. This is your starting point, not the finish line.

This website is a testimony of what is possible when you work with purpose. Our goal is not to teach people how to just flip homes. That is simple Buy Low, Sell High. Now you know, it is not very complicated. What is complicated is actually building a portfolio that has real “Legacy” value and produces a lifetime of cash flow for your family today and for future generations.

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What we teach is HOW to Start, Build and Strengthen your financial freedom in any market. We break down how you can build a portfolio just like ours and even bigger and faster. We are not billionaires, honestly, we have no idea how they became billionaires beyond what we have read in books. This is about YOU not what other people have done but what you can and should do NOW!



“Getting my first house under contract happened faster than I expected. Ron & Becky walked me through the process easily and I could not be more grateful”.

Brittney B. Student

“As a Real Estate Agent, The House Flipping Couple is great to work with. Looking forward to many more years and deals”.

Casey W. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“I have just recently rented a house from Ron & Becky. They had just remodeled it and it has been great. They are the best”.

Michael Renters (not essential)

“Ron and Becky have worked with me and I want to thank them for opening my eyes to the Possibilities that are out there in Real Estate”.

Christian S. Student

“As I’m starting my plan for building my Real Estate portfolio, Ron & Becky have been there with anything I had questions or needed help”.

Jamison J. Student

“The relationship of doing real estate deals with Ron & Becky has been great. There are no better people to work with”.

Chuck D. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

Meeting Ron & Becky has been the best thing. I now know I will achieve my Long Term goal of having a secure future”.

Gloria N. Student

“I’ll learn from Becky and Ron that I can control my future. I love them”.

Donna H. Student

“ I have done many closings for Ron and Becky for over the last 14 years, no better people to work with”.

Kathryn W. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“As a Real Estate wholesaler, I have sold 20 houses to Ron & Becky and I am looking forward to selling many more to them”.

Shawn M. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“I have done plumbing work for Ron & Becky for many years. Great people to work with”.

Joe F. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“I have rented from Ron and Becky for over 10 years. They have been great landlords”.

Dusty B. Renters (not essential)

“We purchased an investment property that Ron and Becky had remodeled. It is in our portfolio. We couldn’t be more excited”.

Tony L. Buyers
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Ron & Becky reveal the “Winning Wealth Legacy” strategies that the wealthiest real estate investors use to earn massive returns in multiple ways consistently. 

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