House Flipping Couple

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What we want our clients to understand from this story is that with a true change in Mindset, they can achieve a true Long Term Legacy. At this point, we were all in on our Real Estate Investing.

Before I had started investing in real estate, I was following what the masses were doing: getting a good job, buying our first home, and going deep into debt, bad debt. We had built a new home during the housing boom of the early 2000s. Now that our Mindset had been changed and we had a plan to reach our Long Term Legacy, we understood the difference between good and bad debt.

We found a HUD house, and what followed shows the Commitment we had for our Long Term Legacy plan for our secure future. We decided to sell the brand new home we had just built and then bought an Investment property to live in for a short period of time. We were going to fix it up and then sell it, so we could continue on with our Tri-Fectia plan that we were using to build our Long Term Legacy.

To put this into context, we were selling a house that was only 6 years old that we had purchased and loved and were buying a home in the country, on a one-acre lot. This was a major lifestyle change for us and a true test of our Mindset change. As it turned out, things fell into place. Just after a year, we were able to move to another property and keep this country house to add to our portfolio.

We still own this property still to this day. We have had this house for over 10 years, and it currently rents at nearly 1,000.00 a month. I want our clients to see that by enduring some lifestyle discomfort just for the short term, we create a valuable asset for our Long Term Legacy. To date, we have made over $120,000.00 in Net rent, and the current equity is peaking at $140,000.00. Yes, this 28k property has netted almost a quarter million dollars and is a prime component in our portfolio. With decades of profit ahead.