House Flipping Couple

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The takeaway for our clients for this house should be that making the plan and following the plan will pay off and allow them to achieve their Long Term Legacy. Working a full-time job and buying 6 more rentals, Becky and I found another house to flip.

We had learned many lessons with prior flips and with our rentals. We were feeling confident that we could do a Buy, Fix, and Flip property now with minimum mistakes. Following our plan, it was time to do another flip. Our clients understand the importance of learning from our mistakes and what we did right that made our Long Term Legacy plan work.

We had been building our team, networking with people of like mindset about real estate investing, and were ready to tackle this next Flip. During this time we had been networking for other sources to finance our real estate investments. We met a couple that wanted to invest in real estate so they could make more on their money than they could on a CD.

I took this deal, and they loaned Becky and me the money. We purchased the house, made minor repairs, and in a short period of time, we closed on the house all within 30 days. We were stoked, and this was a turning point in our real estate investing business.

I knew now we could make the Big Cash we wanted, become financially independent, and have the security we wanted. This was when we truly could see the sky was the limit.

So here is the big net. In and out in 30 days.

  • Bought for $30,000.00 all in.
  • No points on the private money lender.
  • Rehab total cost $7000.00
  • Grand total was $37,000.00
  • Sold from purchase date to sale date EXACTLY 30 Days.
  • Selling Price $46,000.00
  • Closing Cost on sale $1000.00
  • NET PROFIT $8,000.00

Yes, we made eight thousand dollars in 30 days. We made 267.00 PER DAY for flipping this house. Then we carried the 8k into a rental we purchased. That is another cool story.