House Flipping Couple

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“Ron & Becky Taylor share how they created their multi-million dollar portfolio and how you can too.”

The Mission

Help 500 Families Build Legacy Portfolios

What a bold statement, but bold is what we must be when building LEGACIES! over the next 5 years we have made the decision to help 500 families learn what we have been blessed with. I know we could possibly help more. Right Now we have chosen to start with 500. AS you know if 500 familes build out a Legacy portfolio of 30 homes together will have impacted thousands of lives and 100’s of communities. Doing the right thing at the right time sure feels special. We look forward to meeting you and together building your LEAGACY!

our courses

What Our Students Cover Over 12 Weeks

Ron & Becky reveal the “Winning Wealth Legacy” strategies that the wealthiest real estate investors use to earn massive returns in multiple ways consistently. 

Finding the Money

Investors with a partner can do 50% more deals than those acting alone.


We take you behind the scenes and share successes & failures.


Cash Flow vs Cash Poor changed my life.

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We have been hard at work for just over 16 years. It hasn’t been easy and it certainly has been worth it. We have helped, Students learn how to build Legacy Portfolios, We have helped Contractors build strong local businesses. We have helped people find their first homes and built safe spaces for families to flourish. You can start your legacy today as well. We are so proud of you already for committing to make an impact in the lives of others and being an example for your families leagacy.



“Getting my first house under contract happened faster than I expected. Ron & Becky walked me through the process easily and I could not be more grateful”.

Brittney B. Student

“As a Real Estate Agent, The House Flipping Couple is great to work with. Looking forward to many more years and deals”.

Casey W. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“I have just recently rented a house from Ron & Becky. They had just remodeled it and it has been great. They are the best”.

Michael Renters (not essential)

“Ron and Becky have worked with me and I want to thank them for opening my eyes to the Possibilities that are out there in Real Estate”.

Christian S. Student

“As I’m starting my plan for building my Real Estate portfolio, Ron & Becky have been there with anything I had questions or needed help”.

Jamison J. Student

“The relationship of doing real estate deals with Ron & Becky has been great. There are no better people to work with”.

Chuck D. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

Meeting Ron & Becky has been the best thing. I now know I will achieve my Long Term goal of having a secure future”.

Gloria N. Student

“I’ll learn from Becky and Ron that I can control my future. I love them”.

Donna H. Student

“ I have done many closings for Ron and Becky for over the last 14 years, no better people to work with”.

Kathryn W. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“As a Real Estate wholesaler, I have sold 20 houses to Ron & Becky and I am looking forward to selling many more to them”.

Shawn M. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“I have done plumbing work for Ron & Becky for many years. Great people to work with”.

Joe F. Business Associates (Realtors, Money Lenders, Contractors etc )

“I have rented from Ron and Becky for over 10 years. They have been great landlords”.

Dusty B. Renters (not essential)

“We purchased an investment property that Ron and Becky had remodeled. It is in our portfolio. We couldn’t be more excited”.

Tony L. Buyers